As technology and software advances; the benefit of using Smart Card solutions for your Access Control system is growing all of the time.


Not only can a Smart Card be used for individual authorisation within an access controlled, secure environment, it can also provide the route to individually authorise access to a host of other systems.


Smart cards can be used to provide individual access to:

  • Access controlled areas
  • Class registration or resource use systems such as photocopying, printing or computer use in education environments
  • Cashless vending (or electronic purse) systems in commercial or manufacturing environments
  • Club registration, performance monitoring and equipment operation in health club or hotel environments
  • Restricted area access, cashless vending or central facilities operation such as printing and computer access in healthcare environments
  • Time and attendance and cashless vending systems in retail environments
  • Time and attendance, payroll, central facilities operation and cashless vending in public sector environments


Smart Cards allow all of the functionality of more traditional access control credentials such as PIN, password or proximity readers, whilst also being suitable for networked systems use and can even be used in conjunction with additional security measures such as Biometric readers to provide further authentication of the card holder.