An effective Time and Attendance management system can add significant operational and financial benefits to organisations of every type across the UK – and even globally – when linked to a fully networked access control system.


Gone are the days of a simple clock card machine being the only record of someone’s time and attendance at work. The latest Time and Attendance management systems can be seamlessly integrated with a wide range of other management software such as payroll, absence and / or holiday planning systems as well as production (saving time on completing time sheets and improving costing accuracy), health and safety and even compliance with regulations.


With the increase of flexible working, short term contracts and remote workers, the effective management of an employee’s time and attendance can become not only time consuming, but also quite costly to monitor, whereas an electronic system which is managed via standard Access Control readers and interfaces is not only accurate to a fraction of a second, but is much harder to abuse – especially when linked to a biometric reader, whose activation cannot be authenticated by anyone other than the registered user.


These systems can provide HR, Accounts and Line Managers with an accurate record of an employee’s time on site; working time within pre-determined areas of the site (especially useful when Health and Safety regulations require management of the number of hours a worker is exposed to a certain activity or environmental conditions) and even their overall weekly hours to assist with compliance to the current Working Time Regulations.


We have even used this technology to improve time and attendance efficiency within High School and Further and Higher Education facilities, whereby the students are responsible for self registration upon entering the classroom through the use of their access control smart card (which can also be linked to cashless vending, library, computer and print management systems). This eliminates the need for registration time, removes any difficulty for interim members of staff and can even automate the escalation process to parents, heads of year and key support workers for any latecomers or non-arrivals.