Heat Mapping - video analytics

Heat Mapping – video analytics

Video Analytics adds varying levels of automated analytical intelligence to your CCTV system providing alerts, operational intelligence, automated actions, recognition and more – all within what outwardly appears to be a ‘normal’ CCTV camera.

Automated video analytics software can be embedded in the camera or the recording device (depending upon the brand of camera and / or recorder in use) and will operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without needing a tea break, a holiday or time off sick and without any loss of concentration.

There are a wide range of video analytics available today and more coming to market each year. Some of the more common examples including:

ANPR video analytics – where the software will recognise a vehicle registration plate within its database, record the activity and / or trigger an alert or a connected action through the use of integrated technologies. ANPR can also be used for monitoring time spent on a car park, time taken between different sites and more.

Traffic flow video analytics can monitor numerous lanes of vehicle traffic and provide detailed information such as the number of vehicles passing the camera during a given time period / per day / per week – and this can also be calculated on a per lane basis – providing highways and structural engineers with data on the amount of traffic using a particular road or part of road over a given period.

Traffic flow video analytics can also trigger immediate alerts in the event of a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction to the normal traffic flow – which could be someone going ‘in’ the ‘exit’ of a car park or someone travelling the wrong way on a motorway.

Left object detection can create automated alerts to unattended baggage within high pedestrian traffic and high risk areas such as airport terminals, seaports or train stations, alerting security staff to a potential bomb threat.

Object removal detection can be set to monitor the presence of a specific object or objects and send an immediate alert in the event of its removal. An example could be high value items in a room such as laptops or high tech equipment right through to the highest value items in a jewellers shop.

Virtual trip wires can be used for the likes of intruder detection – sending an immediate alert when someone crosses a virtual line.

As well as detecting intruders, virtual trip wires can also be used to assist with Health & Safety by alerting appropriate personnel if someone enters a safety zone.

People Counting - Video Analytics

People Counting – Video Analytics

People counting video analytics utilises the same kind of virtual trip wire in a retail store, transport hub, public event or other environment to monitor the number of people who enter and exit a particular area. This can help with the recording of visitor numbers to your store on a day by day basis or it could effectively monitor the number of attendees at an event to ensure that health & safety limits are not breached due to exceeding the maximum number of people in the venue at any one time. The same technology can also alert security personnel to unusual ‘traffic’ movement such as someone leaving a store through the entrance – which could be an attempt to avoid paying for goods.

Queue management video analytics can be used to monitor the number of people waiting in a queue – allowing retailers or service providers to open extra tills or service desks when queues get too long – helping improve customer satisfaction – or allowing the likes of football stadiums or event venues to open additional entrance gates to reduce the possibility of crowd surges.

Item tracking video analytics can detect an identified person or vehicle and track them through a crowd – allowing appropriate personnel to monitor / intercept if required.

Some of the more complex and more advanced video analytics include the likes of:

Heat mapping – which uses overhead cameras to track visitor journeys through a particular area and identifies which parts of a store or venue are the least and most visited – providing accurate analysis for store owners and event managers of which are the most highly trafficked areas or which displays / attractions are drawing people to them – creating invaluable data which can help them to make the most of their layout.

Facial recognition is an emerging video analytics capability which can allow system operators to automatically identify persons of interest – even when they are otherwise occupied. This could be a high end restaurant or car dealership being alerted to their most important customers coming through the door, or it could be a high value retailer being alerted to the presence of a known offender entering their store.

Video Analytics technology is improving and changing all of the time, so if you are interested in finding out the latest possibilities to suit your needs, or would like a system installed and set up, to automatically analyse the video feeds across your premises, contact one of our team or book in to visit our Annual Business Technology demonstration event in September each year – (keep an eye on our website for details of the next event).