Omni Hosted Telephone SystemThe way that businesses operate and communicate is changing rapidly with the advent of increasingly reliable new technologies, and the Thompson team are delighted to be able to bring operational and cost saving benefits to you with the launch of our new ‘Omni’ Hosted Telephone System.


What is Hosted Telephony?

A hosted telephone system links your VoIP enabled business telephone handsets to phone management software and PBX (Private Branch Exchange) hardware which is stored in the cloud; via an internet connection; thereby providing you with fast and cost effective access to your phone system from anywhere in the world (where you have an internet connection), whilst also saving you money on your bills compared to traditional telephone systems.



There are a whole host of benefits to using a hosted telephone system – from CapEx (Capital Expenditure) and OpEx (Operational Expenditure) savings, improved flexibility and better system management, to dedicated support.



There are so many features available with our hosted telephone systems that we have collected them into three standard packages (Bronze, Silver & Gold) – you simply pay your chosen monthly fee (the cost of calls is not included) and get all of the associated features included.



Whether you are saving on your monthly costs, saving on your call costs or saving by not having engineer call outs and system upgrades, the amount you save could be huge*. Indeed, when comparing our pricing against the major national fixed line telecommunications providers we could save you up to 70%* off of your bills.


You can find out more on our new website at or to find out how much you could save, why not contact a member of our telecoms team today on 01902 658822?


* Based on an example BT phone bill (savings from other network providers may vary).