The power, quality and intelligence of the latest generation digital projection systems can turn almost any surface into an exciting interactive experience or a mass audience display screen


Most businesses and students will be familiar with the humble projector perpetually sat in the boardroom or classroom waiting to display content to the wider world.


Yet most people aren’t aware of the advances in computer software and the development of ever more reliable and stronger illumination techniques, which mean that the potential for digital projection systems is almost unbounded.


From the ability to instantly turn a standard projector into an interactive system, through user defined image immersion and the creation of high impact multi-media displays in high end shops and offices, to world class outdoor digital projection, Thompson AVC have the solution & experience to suit any project.


Would you like to turn your shop window into a memorable and talked about, customer led interactive sales experience?


Do you have an event to promote to the wider community but cannot be sure that everyone will see it?


Digital Projection systems can release you from the restrictions and cost of bigger and bigger screens. Thompson AVC can provide the technology and expertise, all you have to do is provide the content.


From the London Stock Exchange and Harrods, through huge international events utilising landscapes or buildings as the display, to universities, receptions and boardrooms digital projection systems can inform, amaze, educate and entertain your audiences – and the Thompson team can help you to get your message across – to entertain or inform…


But that being said, if you are just in the market for a humble desktop projector, we can still specify, install and train your team in the use of some of the most reliable and easy to use models on the market as well.