Drax Technology Alarm Management SystemsWithin most large, and especially older buildings, you will often find a range of types and makes of smoke and heat detectors connected to the fire alarm panels; many of which are likely to have been maintained and added to by a number of different fire alarm service and maintenance specialists over the years. With these Companies often having their own ‘go to’ brand of alarm panels and detectors; and in some cases having installed detectors in roof spaces or voids, which subsequent maintenance operatives may have been unable to find, the potential for communication errors with the alarm panel (and therefore some false alarms) is only likely to increase as time goes on.


So how do you effectively manage a fire alarm system connected to numerous devices; possibly from different manufacturers; across a building / site with potentially hundreds of rooms and / or mission critical protection?


The answer can often be found with Drax Technology’s AMX alarm management software, which allows users to connect and centrally monitor events from different manufacturer’s alarm systems, regardless of their location.


Due to its constant and comprehensive vigilance and ability to connect to a wide range of alarm devices, the Drax technology has been proven to reduce false alarms for organisations of all sizes and in all sectors from healthcare and education, through to corporate and hospitality sector users.


The intelligent Drax technology system not only simplifies the way that critical alarms are viewed, but also provides operators with clear instructions on the actions to take in the event of an alarm, whilst constantly maintaining accurate ongoing records of all alarm system events.


The Drax software’s global alarm management interface allows organisations to better understand the reasons behind any unwanted alarms; whilst the remote viewing and monitoring capabilities also provide executive access and reporting at any time.