The use of CCTV camera analytics to detect fires or smoke is a fairly niche solution, primarily used in very large, more open environments such as power generation halls, aircraft hangars, tunnels, etc.; where it would take too long for smoke from a fire to activate more traditional methods of detection.

How does camera detection work?

Camera detection works by the use of bespoke, highly advanced analytics built into a high resolution CCTV camera which is usually placed at ceiling level so as to cover the widest possible area.

The algorithm within the camera has been developed to identify the patterns and behaviour of smoke and / or the colour and intensity of flames from a fire – which when matched from within the protected area being monitored, then triggers an alert via integration with a traditional fire alarm system or to appropriate personnel through visual or audio alerts so that they can investigate, and if necessary, deal with the fire at the earliest opportunity.

Why is camera detection better than some other technologies?

Camera detection is ideal for use in very large areas (such as aircraft hangars or huge manufacturing sites) or even outdoors (such as processed waste piles at a recycling facility) as they are not reliant on smoke from a fire being drawn into a traditional detector or the pipe work of an air sampling system.

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