The Thompson Group specialise in the design, installation and ongoing maintenance of either stand alone or integrated systems for security, fire, communications and life safety operations for our clients across the UK.

Some of the main services and systems that we specialise in include access control systems, CCTV, fire detection and protection, intruder detection, public address and voice alarm systems, Telecare and assisted living technologies as well as voice and data infrastructure.

These systems all operate perfectly well as stand alone systems, and indeed we can install each of them to operate in this way. However our customers have found that the real benefits are achieved when the Thompson Group team use their skills and experience to integrate the operation of two or more systems.

Integrated systems can lead to:

  • cost saving benefits
    • through maybe only having to use one control panel instead of two separate ones
  • system enhancements
    • such as e-mail or SMS notifications of system activations
    • ensuring the CCTV system is focused on the area where an alarm or egress activation has been triggered
  • operational efficiencies
    • such as being able to remotely access the system to monitor or control its activity
    • through a reduction in training costs

The specialist engineers, designers and estimators within the Thompson Group can value engineer your project to ensure that the most efficient levels of protection are used, whilst only using the optimum amount of equipment and providing the easiest system operation to provide the most effective protection of your colleagues, visitors and property. Please contact us for more information on how we can help.

For more details on the individual services that we offer, please visit the relevant section by clicking the link below: