For important announcements or when there are potentially life threatening situations within the public arena, it is vital that clear and effective messages are easily heard and understood.

The Thompson Group help our clients to design their Public Address (PA) system to the highest standard, whilst ensuring total compliance with life safety regulations.

Working closely with our supply chain, we can ensure that your organisation operates in a safe working environment, enabling important messages to be communicated to personnel and the general public at any time.

In addition to life safety applications, our PA systems can also be used for simple day to day functions such as playing music in a shopping centre, providing automated class changeover signals in a school or a variety of other functions to suit the surroundings or application.

Our PA and Voice Alarm (VA) systems provide our clients with a multi-functional and adaptable system with built in peace of mind and protection.

Providing either straight PA or combined PA / VA solutions for areas such as bus or train stations, retail outlets, offices, sports or education environments and almost any other type of public venue, our team ensure that a clients’ most valuable assets – their staff and customers – remain safe at all times.

Some examples of Public Address systems and technology include: