Welcome to The Thompson Group Blog where you will find all of the latest information about the extensive range of systems and services we provide for organisations across the UK – as well as a host of related content, and a variety of other articles, which we hope you will find of interest.

To give you a little bit of background about us; we started out as an Audio Visual and CCTV specialist way back in 1995, and have continually grown and developed the range of technologies we can design, install, service and maintain. This diversification has usually been in line with what our clients’ need and want – as well as introducing some technologies they didn’t know they wanted, until we showed them what the latest technologies can do.


Why have we diversified in this way?

Well, because that is what we do (and have always done). We have always focused on what our clients need and want – Always looking to add value for every client on every job.

Not only that, but, we always strive to provide the highest levels of quality and customer service in everything we do. We call it our ‘Commitment to Delivering Excellence’ and it is ingrained throughout our business.

We hope that you enjoy reading more about what we do, and why and how we do it; and as in everything we do; we would love to get your feedback.

So if you have any questions about what we write or any suggestions on what you would like to know more about, please get in touch via e-mail or call the sales and marketing team on 01902 658822.