Hospitals and Healthcare facilities are usually very busy environments with lots of people circulating throughout the site; whether they are visitors, patients, staff or operational contractors; with many in unfamiliar surroundings and in close proximity to a large number of vulnerable people.

In addition to the normal life safety issues such as fire protection, there are a whole host of additional factors that can be protected using the electronic security, fire and communications infrastructures available from the Thompson Group.

Specialist healthcare solutions

From the safe and consistent delivery of data across the network infrastructure, the ability to create a phased fire alarm and evacuation system which can enable a controlled evacuation on a ward by ward basis, through state of the art integrated access control systems allowing multiple levels of access relating to the authority of the user to nurse call systems.

An example of our engineering specialists providing a bespoke system to suit our clients’ requirements, was delivered through the integration of the access control and CCTV systems, in conjunction with the existing specialist systems such as ‘baby tagging’ in a hospital to automate the process of ensuring the cameras are looking where they should be, thus enhancing the ability of the healthcare organisation to protect its patients.

Each project requires a specific set of solutions, which can usually benefit from operation on an integrated system. This not only ensures the optimum efficiency, but also allows for the value engineering of the project to minimise the capital outlay required.

The Thompson Group can also design, install and maintain effective Nurse call, Warden call or Telecare systems for care homes or housing associations.

The experience of the specialists at the Thompson Group can help to deliver the most appropriate system for every environment.

Some of the products typically used in the Healthcare sector include: