Organisations and authorities working in the public sector have a duty of care to the public and are required to do everything in their power to protect the safety of individuals, whilst providing their services. They need to be pro-active about identifying risk and responsive to incidents to minimise the risk of harm and ensure the protection of property.

Public sector operations can range from public open space areas and town centres, law enforcement operations, public buildings and government offices (both national and regional), as well as hospitals and social care activities.

Using the specialists at the Thompson Group provides the benefit of a single point of contact for a range of integrated systems including access control, CCTV, fire, intruder, public address and voice & data networks ensuring efficiency of communication, direction and control on any individual or series of projects.

Our systems can be remotely controlled to reduce operational costs, can be integrated with existing technology to provide the optimum protection and are modular allowing expansion and relocation as requirements change.

Some of the products typically used in the Public Sector arena include: