Businesses working in the retail sector lose more revenue from theft than they do through Corporation Tax. It is therefore vital that they do everything they can to protect their goods as well as customers and staff, and as margins are increasingly restricted through online competition; they must ensure that the loss prevention and detection systems they implement are suited to their budget as well as their individual business or branch requirements.

The Thompson Group provide support to retailers by installing cost effective systems which allow them to track their property and to monitor all areas of their outlets. We provide additional synergy through the integration of technologies; such as linking the CCTV with the EPOS system which enables the business owners to overlay till transactions on CCTV footage, as well as connecting to ‘Asset Tagging’ systems thus allowing automatic recording of any incidence of goods being removed.

Past projects have included:

The Thompson Group also work with clients to create bespoke service and maintenance plans which will ensure that all of the specialist security, fire and communications systems are operating effectively whilst minimising the disruption to trading activities.

Some of the products typically used in the Education sector include: