Town and City centre managers have a duty of care to the public and are required to do everything in their power to protect the safety of individuals and staff as they go about their daily business.

Operators need to be pro-active about identifying risk and be responsive to incidents in order to minimise the risk of harm.

The Thompson Group are ideally suited to support these priorities through the provision of fully controllable, remotely monitored open space surveillance systems, enabling CCTV controllers to identify potential problems as they occur and to ensure that any camera footage taken is of sufficient quality to enable a successful prosecution.

Our systems can be integrated with existing technology and are modular, allowing expansion and relocation as crime hot spots change and security coverage requirements evolve.

Our customer service team can advise on a wide range of cameras including the latest technology such as auto-tracking and video analytics, or which are capable of operating in a wide range of day to day or extreme environments.

Some of the products typically used in the Town Centres sector include: