Millions of people use the rail networks every day and it is essential that the rail companies provide their customers with a safe and stress free environment, whilst protecting their staff and infrastructure from harm.

The Thompson Group have a wealth of experience in designing, installing and maintaining systems which fully achieve the security needs of these high profile operations. Our approach is to integrate access control, CCTV, fire, intruder and public address systems, thus enabling security staff to take total control of passenger and staff safety whilst on site and providing the tools to address any problems as they occur.

We believe that every environment is unique and requires a site specific approach for a system to operate effectively. We therefore start each project; whether it is for a regional rail company or on the West Coast Main Line; by assessing the individual requirements of a site holistically, rather than approaching the task with preconceived packaged solutions. This approach allows us to match our extensive experience with a detailed understanding of our clients’ needs to create systems which exceed expectations.

Some of the products typically used in the Transport sector include: