Welcome to the Thompson Group where innovation meets excellence

Our specialist team have an extensive track record in creating tailor-made technology based integrated systems to meet the most complex and demanding security, fire, communications and life safety needs. We combine the right products with the highest standards of consultation, installation, maintenance and support, to fulfil our clients’ unique requirements.

We look to add value on every project for every client.

We do this through a combination of our:

  • Commitment to Delivering Excellence

    All members of the Thompson Group provide the highest levels of quality and customer service on every project. Our Commitment to Delivering Excellence is at the core of everything we do.

  • Experience

    With experience of designing, installing, and maintaining a broad spectrum of technologies for our diverse range of clients in disparate sectors , we can provide the optimum solution for your needs.

  • System integration

    Thompson Group engineers continually provide operational efficiencies and cost savings for our clients through professionally and effectively integrating multiple systems. These integrated systems are programmed to work in harmony, providing comprehensive protection and robust communications between the component systems as well as the system users.

  • Partnership working

    Across the Thompson Group , we work in genuine partnership with every client to fully understand day to day operational requirements, existing technologies and user knowledge as well as the financial implications of the proposed solutions.

    Working closely with all major product and system manufacturers and distributors, we also ensure that we are up to date with all of the latest technologies, training and support.