All businesses have assets, whether intellectual or physical, which need protecting. Modern access control systems ensure that only appropriate personnel have access to your premises, creating a secure environment for staff, visitors and property.

From controlling access to a single office within a large complex, to the design and development of a complex permission based system allowing individual users access to specific zones within a high security facility, The Thompson Group have the capabilities and experience to provide the optimum security solution to protect our clients’ corporate assets.

From the first stages of system design, through installation, to handover and continued annual maintenance, you can be sure that we are protecting you throughout.

Our system designs range from a simple PIN controlled electronic door release to a variety of biometric readers.

Modern Access Control systems not only provide superior levels of protection, but can also generate cost savings on lock and key replacements through the ability to amend an individual’s access rights at the touch of a button.

To ensure full compliance with relevant legislation and to simplify the day to day operation of the building, The Thompson Group can fully integrate access control with other life safety and security systems such as fire alarms and Equality Act compliant assistance facilities.

Some examples of Access Control systems and technology include: