The client

The National Brownfield Institute (NBI) has been created by the University of Wolverhampton as part of it’s £120m Springfield Campus development, which has turned a derelict former brewery into a world leader in construction, regeneration and the built environment.

In conjunction with its neighbour; the recently completed School of Architecture and the Built Environment; NBI will boost the UK’s ability to provide sustainable construction, further improve the circular economy and facilitate brownfield development through the creation and development of new skills, which will also help create new jobs and opportunities for its students.

As with all of their buildings and facilities, the University wanted the new NBI facilities to offer the very best electronic and physical security and life safety systems to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their staff, students and visitors, whilst also providing the simplest and most operationally efficient systems for their Estates Management Team to look after on a day to day basis.

National Brownfield Institute

How we helped

To provide the latest security and life safety systems capable of being fully connected and networked remotely with all of the university’s other facilities across multiple campuses, we provided:

  • Open Protocol Fire Alarm with over 70 connected devices
  • Emergency Voice Communication System
  • Aspiration system to detect the smallest particles of smoke
  • W.C. Alarms
  • Intercom
  • Access Control system
  • IP CCTV system (working in conjunction with other building systems on campus to provide comprehensive cover)
  • Intruder Alarm system (Grade 3)
  • High speed data infrastructure (over 17km of cabling) to over 200 points, which in turn are connected to multiple on-site cabs, with additional Fibre connection to other on-campus buildings
Springfield Campus Aerial View
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